To advance our work of restoring the American chestnut tree to Virginia, many hands are needed. There are lots of opportunities to get involved in this important work that are fun and informative. Some are listed below.

Current Opportunities to Volunteer!

Working with the Public

Plantings are frequently conducted at ceremonial locations.  We are looking for a few volunteers to help with (a) planting the trees, (b) monitoring the seedlings until they get established, (c) developing interpretive material to tell Garden visitors the chestnut story, and (d) organizing the ceremony surrounding the planting.  If you have time and interest, please contact VATACF at or (540) 364-1922.

Working with Nature*

Opportunities abound for help in planting, pollinating and monitoring American chestnut trees in our orchards.  For more information, and to volunteer, contact us at or (540) 364-1922.

*Risk Advice.  Many activities in support of VATACF put volunteers into close contact with nature.  This poses a number of potential risks volunteers need to consider.  These include exposure to insects, poisonous plants, snakes, difficult terrain and strenuous activity.  VATACF expects volunteers to inform and protect themselves against these risks and cannot accept responsibility for failure to do so.

Behind the Scenes

Staff the VATACF Office.  Multiple volunteer opportunities exist to help staff the Virginia Chapter of TACF office in Marshall, VA.   The duties involve learning enough to answer questions from visitors to the office and over the phone, helping to manage volunteer activity, as well as performing related clerical duties in support of VATACF’s mission to restore chestnut trees to Virginia.  These volunteer opportunities are part-time and hours can be flexible to meet your schedule.  You will have the fun of meeting and working with committed volunteers and interested members of the public and learning about the science and organizational efforts in support of VATACF’s mission.  For information, or to volunteer, contact VATACF at or (540) 364-1922.

Communications Assistants Wanted!  VATACF is looking for one or more persons to assist in enhancing communications within our diverse and rapidly growing organization.  Volunteers will help maintain the VATACF web site (, help write announcements and notices, locate photos and illustrations and help manage VATACF’s use of social media.  Special opportunities exist for persons with skill in producing videos for the web.  The work can be conducted at our Marshall, VA, office or from any location with internet service.  The work requirements are flexible and can be organized to fit your schedule.   Volunteers will have the satisfaction of  working with modern technologies and helping to organize and energize the reintroduction of the chestnut tree to American forests.  For more information, or to volunteer, contact us at or (540) 364-1922..

Video Editor and YouTube Guru.  VATACF wants to produce short video productions on a variety of topics to be used for training volunteers and educating the public about a variety of aspects of restoring the American chestnut tree.  If you have skills in video production, including filming, editing and creating YouTube videos, then we have an important role for you to fill.  Work schedules can be organized to fit your needs.  You will gain experience in producing and editing high quality video productions and enhancing VATACF’s educational and training program.  You will have the satisfaction of seeing your work on the internet and in use in field training all around the Commonwealth.  For more information, or to volunteer, contact us at or (540) 364-1922..

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Don’t see anything that fits?  We have many more needs than we have listed here.  Match your interests and skills with our needs by filling out the online volunteer interest form.

We will get back to you to work out something that meets your interests and our needs!