Oak Hill High School Planting

A demonstration site, spearheaded by WV-TACF member, Dr. Lewis Cook, was located at Oak Hill High School beside the Vocational Technical Center. That site had been a previous chestnut planting that had not done well due to wet and shallow soil conditions. The Board of Education allowed for a wider site development to move the plantings to a better area of that property. Twenty-eight chestnut seedlings were planted there, some with the help of the school’s forestry class. The intent of this site is to plant a variety of native West Virginia trees that include other species besides chestnut so the students can observe and compare how they grow in the same environment. This will, hopefully, provide an educational opportunity for the students and the public. The non-chestnut trees will be planted as they become available.  The chestnuts were planted in early November. Pictured above is Dr. Lewis Cook (left) and the Oak Hill High School students and advisor.