The West Virginia Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation (WV-TACF) was established in 2009, the last of TACF’s 16 state chapters to be incorporated. Hybrid chestnut trees have been planted at 68 sites in 26 WV counties.  We have initiated germplasm conservation orchards (pure American chestnut plantings) at seven sites in the state.  Chapter members help support the mission of the national organization by planting hybrid chestnuts, conducting education, research, and outreach.

If you would like to participate in this group please join us. We include people from all areas that have an interest in restoring this magnificent tree to our forests. When you join The American Chestnut Foundation, a portion of your dues will be shared with the WV-TACF Chapter.

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Latest News

Oak Hill High School Planting

A demonstration site, spearheaded by WV-TACF member, Dr. Lewis Cook, was located at Oak Hill High School beside the Vocational Technical Center. That site had been a previous chestnut planting that had not done well due to wet and shallow soil conditions. The Board of Education allowed for a wider site development to move the […]

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Harvesting Chestnuts at the Clements Tree Nursery in Mason County, WV

TACF’s Mid-Atlantic regional science coordinator, Mark Double, WV-TACF president and Stephen Rist, OH-TACF president, harvested chestnuts from the WV state tree nursery in Mason County, not far from the Ohio River.

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