Do you think you’ve found an American chestnut tree in Vermont or New Hampshire?

Please collect a leaf and twig sample, print a locator form and submit to:

Kendra Collins, TACF New England Regional Science Coordinator
USFS Northern Research Station, 705 Spear Street
South Burlington, VT 05403

Are you interested in hosting a chestnut orchard?

Please read the planting manual for more information about what is involved with growing chestnut trees. This manual was developed for Pennsylvania, but the considerations outlined are applicable to Vermont and New Hampshire as well.

Educational Planting Guidelines

An educational planting is an opportunity for host organizations to partner with TACF. TACF will provide an appropriate number of Possibly Blight Resistant Chestnuts (generally five or six) for the host to plant in highly visible locations. The host agrees to join TACF and install interpretive signs. The benefit to the host is a living educational addition to ongoing programs. This outreach activity is a membership-building and volunteer recruitment strategy for TACF.

Planting Guidelines include:

1)      Site requirements

2)      Planting Instructions

3)      Host Responsibilities

4)      TACF Responsibilities