It is unlike any other spring we have experienced in our lifetimes. In past years, we would be rejoicing the end of winter and many of us would be eager to hit the trail or tend to our gardens or orchards. But obviously, these are not normal times.

Here at TACF, our number one priority in the age of COVID-19 is the safety of our staff, volunteers and our wider communities.   We are taking the following steps to ensure that we are all protected:

  • Our Asheville national office, Regional Science Coordinator remote offices and Meadowview Research Farms are closed.

  • All staff outside of the farm are currently working from home, with a dedicated staff member coming in one day/week to process mail at the Asheville office.

  • All in-person events for TACF have been cancelled or postponed.

  • Farm staff are working on a rotating basis to ensure critical field, greenhouse and research activities continue and will follow strict distancing and sanitation guidelines.  When they are not on the farm, they are working from home.

  • No new research projects or orchard plantings are being undertaken by TACF national at this time. 

  • Chapter plans are being evaluated by the RSCs and all regional field activities will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

  • RSCs will only be conducting those field activities critical for keeping trees and other associated germplasm alive and will do so on a solitary basis.

We will continue to work toward our goal of American chestnut restoration while doing our best to keep TACF staff and volunteers safe. In an effort to stay connected, watch for announcements related to upcoming webinars, live-streams, and other activities that will help to keep us all engaged. For additional information or other inquiries, email us at

We hope that in these uncertain times, you and your loved ones stay vigilant. We offer our sincerest wishes for everyone’s safety and health in this unparalleled era.   Be Well!