Our Community of Partners and Volunteers

The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF) is a community-based organization that works with local volunteers and partner organizations including cities, parks, municipalities and schools to accomplish a long-range mission. In fact, dedicated volunteerism has always been at the core of TACF’s organizational values, and we invite you to learn more about what TACF is doing in your community.

As of 2016, 680 tree planting locations have been established across an estimated 1,183 acres. Plantings are sited on both private and public lands, and are managed by a wide range of volunteers and partners. Orchard managers are responsible for establishment and maintenance of the site, although local chapters may provide support, when possible.

Many portions of TACF’s program are run entirely by volunteers, logging almost 50,000 hours of volunteer work per year. With a great reliance on volunteers and citizen scientists, TACF’s program provides a model for the conservation and restoration of other threatened forest tree species.

Looking to learn more and be a part of what of what TACF is doing? Everyone likes to be involved at different levels and TACF chapters have many different opportunities for individuals of all ages to contribute. Whether you are just learning about the American chestnut or have been a passionate “chestnutter” for years, there is something here for everyone.

Our volunteers RULE, so tell us what YOU are doing to help restore the American chestnut.

Be Local.  Get Involved.  Share Your Story. 

Ways to get involved with TACF include:

  • Plantings
  •  Pollination
  • Inoculations
  • Orchard maintenance
  • Events
  • Education outreach
  • Appalachian Trail MEGA-Transect chestnut project
  • Identification of pure American chestnut trees

With 16 state chapters throughout the American chestnut’s native range, there is ample opportunity to get involved! Please visit your local state chapter page for specific information about volunteer activities or check out our calendar of events.