Ohio Chapter Small Grants Program

We invite members of the Ohio chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation to apply for grants up to a maximum of $1000 to support education, outreach and scholarly activities related to American chestnut in the State of Ohio.


Grants are available to assist members with active restoration projects in the State, outreach activities, as well as with their scholarly activities. Funding may be requested for supporting a range of ideas and projects, including but not limited to: chestnut demonstration plantings, signage for new or existing planting, travel and supplies for maintenance of existing planting, educational outreach, and research and scholarship related to chestnut restoration in Ohio. Funding for completed work is not allowed unless the project has been approved by the board of directors.  Travel funds for conferences are not available unless you/ your group will be representing the Ohio Chapter.

Rules and Responsibilities

Recipients must be a current member in good standing with the Ohio Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation –OH TACF (Click here to join). Each recipient is expected to present a summary of the results of the funded project to the Ohio Chapter at the group’s annual fall meeting within two years of the award. Publications, public and private presentations, and other products derived from work funded by the OH-TACF must include acknowledgment of the funding received from the Chapter. Information and products of the funded work are required to be freely disseminated by the American Chestnut Foundation unless protected by copyright.

Proposal Guidelines and submission

Proposal ideas should be discussed with the President of the Ohio Chapter and other board members prior to submitting the written proposal.  Proposals are due no later than 16-October of each year and should be submitted electronically to the chapter secretary, Stephen Rist (Stephen.Rist@dnr.state.oh.us). Be sure to attach a completed CoverSheet. The proposal should be three pages maximum (including the cover page), single-spaced, in Times New Roman (12 pt font), 1” margins. Proposals over the page limit will not be considered.

Research Grant Guidelines

  • Brief project overview, including goals, expected impact and relevance to chestnut restoration
  • Proposed activities and connections to project goals, including a project timeline
  • Plans for dissemination (e.g., publications and presentations) and subsequent funding proposals (if applicable)
  • List of references cited
  • Budget with evidence of cost-sharing (e.g., proposal, letter of award), and a description of special technology or infrastructure considerations (if applicable)

Education and Outreach Grant Guidelines

  • Brief project overview, including goals, target audience and participants
  • Proposed activities, including a project timeline and detailed budget (including shared costs)
  • Plans for maintaining trees (if project involves tree planting)

Proposals will be evaluated by a subcommittee of the OH-TACF Board of Directors. Proposal reviewers will not necessarily be experts in any specific field, and therefore proposals should be written clearly for the educated layperson. Decisions will be made by 15-February of each year.