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The Ohio Chapter was founded primarily to bring about the restoration of the American chestnut throughout the hardwood forests of Ohio, where it once flourished. We work with the National Foundation to advance research, education, and public awareness of this important tree species.   The Ohio Chapter implements this mission by education and research.  Education would include projects such as establish demonstration plantings to acquaint people with the American chestnut and the blight that has almost eliminated by the blight,  providing material for education,  provide grants to support demonstration plantings. and presenting information at appropriate forums.  Research would include mine restoration plantings with American chestnuts, reforestation projects including American chestnut, test plantings of hybrid American chestnuts,  finding and document surviving American chestnuts in Ohio, and supporting chestnut research in Ohio with grants .


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Ohio Chapter Board of Directors and Contacts

Mr. Stephen Rist
Ohio DNR Division of Forestry

Email: ohchapter@acf.org

Mr. Bruce A. Willis

Mr. Ryan Homsher

Greg Chopko

Dale Angerman
Dr. Bob Clark
Dr. Carolyn Howes Keiffer
Kristen Lehtoma
Dr. Greg Miller
Tom Mills