Planting in the Uwharrie Mountains of NC

April 10, 2013

The Uwharrie Mountains are remnants of a 500 million year old chain of mountains which formed in the super continent of Gondwana along the east coast of the future North American continent. The mountains rose to a height of 20,000 feet and now are worn down to an average height of 1,100 feet. The Uwharries are located at the eastern edge of the natural range of the American chestnut.

  • The Uwharrie Mountains, mid state North Carolina, are where Chapter members and volunteers helped plant an experimental orchard and forest plots on April 10, 2013. The Uwharries are at the eastern edge of the natural range of the American chestnut.
  • Tom Saielli, Southern Regional Science Coordinator, led the planting effort on April 10, 2013. Six rows are to be planted in an orchard with 16 nut seeds each. In dispersed, separate open areas in the nearby forest, six rows of 16 chestnut seed are to be planted to replicate each row in the orchard.
  • The chestnut seeds are planted using BLUE-X tubes and the area around the planted site are covered with landscape fabric.
  • A wire cage that were made on site are placed around the planted nuts. Landscape pins are used to secure the cage to the ground. After planting six plots of 16 nuts, the crew finishes its task. The planting will be monitored and reported on. Tom Saielli collected data on all nut types and pedigrees and entered the information into a data base for future reference.