Ted Farmer, Cooperator Par Excellence with the Carolinas Chapter

Ted Farmer’s large “Squirrel Hollow” American chestnut tree will be crossed with pollen from various BC2 and BC3 trees at Meadowview in 2011 and grown at the Chestnut Return Farms Research Station in 2012 for screening for resistance to root rot.

  • Ted Farmer, is a very important cooperator of the Carolinas Chapter. He assists the Chapter in collecting pollen from two large American chestnut trees in Avery County, NC.
  • The Squirrel Hollow tree, one of the trees that Ted cares for, is 13.5 inches dbh, just missed being listed as the largest survivor American chestnut tree in NC.
  • Tony Hunter of Hunter Tree Service provided a bucket truck to pollinate the Squirrel Hollow and a second, big American chestnut tree in the Chestnut Dale Community in Avery County, NC. The second tree is known as the “Ted Farmer Tree” and is owned by Ted’s sister. The truck was available from noon until 4 p.m. During that time, 120 pollination bags were placed on the two tress. Seeds produced will be used for testing Nanking B2, Nanking B3 and Graves B3 trees for resistance to root rot in tests in 2012 at Chestnut Return Farms Research Station.