Peak Cove Farm Orchard Work 2011

Louis Acker, Jon Taylor, and Paul Sisco prepared chestnut trees for pollination at Louis Acker and Allie Funk’s Peak Cove Farm.

  • Work at Peak Cove Farm is not about chestnuts only. It includes growing up a Border Collie and training him to help look after the sheep on the farm.
  • Trees are propagated from seed produced in the Peak Cove Farm orchard last year along with other BC3F2 seedlings to a stage where they will be inter-crossed with other BC3F2 trees to produce BC3F3 seed.
  • A BC3 cross Hazy Way with Anna Belle 185 tree has the female flowers bagged. The BC3 tree was inoculated two years ago and held up well to both strains of the chestnut blight inoculum used in orchard tests. Pollen from selected trees at Paul Vonk’s orchard in Scaly, NC, will be used to pollinate the tree — probably around July 8. The pollen will come from trees that are progeny of Glenn’s 96.
  • Truly, all is well with orchard work at the Peak Cove Farm of Louis Acker and Allie Funk.