Motsinger Orchard June 2011

The Motsinger Family spent parts of June 2011 evaluating trees in their backcross orchard and pollinating selected trees to produce BC3F2 seeds.

  • The Clapper BC3 tree was planted as seed in 2003, inoculated in 2009 and selected for further breeding. Its male parent was the Gr210 tree at Meadowview, and its American parent was a large sprout growing at a logging landing in Haywood County, NC, identified by Mark Rogers.
  • Steve also has a very good pure American chestnut tree from the Round Top Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It produced female flowers in 2011 and will be integrated into the Chapter’s breeding program.
  • Cankers at the base of the Andrea Lee tree, caused by inoculations using the aggressive EP155 fungus, are almost completely healed after two years. F1 crosses will be made in 2011 using the Andrea Lee Chinese tree.