Graham Cabin at Anne Springs

The log cabin, constructed of hand hewn American chestnut logs was built about 1780 and relocated to Anne Springs Close Greenway near Fort Mill, SC in 1999. The exterior of the cabin can be viewed while visiting the Greenway. The interior can be viewed by appointment by calling Anne Springs Close Greenway at 803-548-7252.

In the interior of the cabin, visitors can see adz marks on the hand hewn American chestnut logs. New chinking was colored a clay color to match the type chinking originally used. Farm implements of the type that would have been used by people who lived in the cabin are displayed. The cabin was occupied continuously for 200 years.

The ceiling of the cabin was whitewashed at some time in the past to brighten the room and reflect light from lamps used by those who lived within. There is liveable space above the main floor. It is not open for tours however.