Glassy Mountain Chestnut Orchard-Preparing the Soil

Larry Recknagel organized residents of the Cliffs of Glassy Mountain to plant a chestnut orchard in their community which will be important to helping establish blight resistant trees, at least 15/16 American chestnut and 1/16 Chinese chestnut that will be used to propagate nuts to grow seedlings that will be used to reintroduce chestnuts into the eastern forests. This album documents the work done by residents and other volunteers on February 14, 2008 at Glassy Mountain Orchard west of Landrum, SC. Larry organized the effort and led residents of the Cliffs of Glassy Community in preparing the soil to plant the chestnut orchard that is located there. Read Larry’s words that accompany the photographs that describe the work done to prepare the soil.

Dr. Paul Sisco, Regional Science Coordinator for The American Chestnut Foundation, thinks the soil preparation is going well. Clint Plumley remembers harvesting chestnuts on Glassy Mountain as a boy and carrying them 8 miles through the forest to Saluda, North Carolina, where they could be sold for cash. He’s glad they are coming back.