Chestnut Wood Use – Holiday Inn in Cherokee, NC

August 23, 2005

The salvaged American chestnut wood refinished and used in the lobby, restaurant, gift shop, and furniture of the Holiday Inn in Cherokee, North Carolina, is a delight to see.

Chestnut Wood Features

  • The registration desk at the Holiday Inn in Cherokee is just the beginning point for the observant visitor to enjoy the American chestnut wood used within the building. Wormy chestnut wood was salvaged by the owner, Mr. James Cooper, from the American Legion Building in Cherokee prior to its demolition to make way for a new office building.
  • The island in the middle of the Chestnut Tree Restaurant is an excellent example of the work done by the artisans who created it. Students from the Cherokee High School, under the direction of teachers, milled the wood that the owner, Mr. Cooper, had salvaged, and then assembled it into beautiful furnishings.
  • The Hunting Ground Gift Shop is located on the opposite end of the lobby from the Chestnut Tree Restaurant. The wall of wormy chestnut wood that creates the entrance to the gift shop compliments other furnishings in the interior of the Inn.
  • Exposed wooden beams in the ceiling of the lobby that are made of wormy chestnut wood tie together other uses of the wood in the registration desk, the gift shop, and elsewhere.
  • A heavy round table made of American chestnut wood provides a place to display a sculpture of an American Eagle. The table is set in front of the fireplace which uses wormy American chestnut framed by stone masonry.