Collecting Chestnut Leaf Samples at Chestnut Return Farms for DNA Extraction

Over 1400 chestnut seedlings were tagged and two leaf samples taken from each for DNA extraction at Clemson University.

Ten people gathered at Chestnut Return Farms Research Station on June 16, 2011 to tag and collect leaf samples from more than 1,400 chestnut seedlings being grown as part of a Phytophthora cinnamomi, root rot, trial that Dr. Joe James and Dr. Steve Jeffers of Clemson University are conducting. The ten divided into five teams of two people each.

The group included Steve Jeffers (Clemson), Simon Schreier (Clemson), Joe James (Carolinas Chapter), Michael Egan (Carolinas Chapter), Jae-soon Hwang (Clemson), Steve Barilovits III (Carolinas Chapter), Tatyana Zhebentyayeva (Clemson), Daniel Drechsler (Clemson), and Inga Meadows (Clemson).

Paul Sisco, who was not in attendance, was taking a road less traveled to Paul Vonk’s farm in Scaly, NC, to collect catkins. The pollen from the catkins will be used to pollinate trees in other Chapter orchards. Paul had miles to go before he slept. In taking the road less traveled by, he will make all the difference in the Chapter’s breeding program.