Spring 2006 Chestnut Plantings

May 10, 2006

Dr. Paul Sisco, Science Coordinator for Southern Region of the American Chestnut Foundation, has coordinated the planting of hybrid nuts from the 2005 harvest at five locations in the Carolinas.

Timeline of Spring Plantings:

  • The first plantings of back cross chestnuts occurred March 17 at the Pryor Farm located near Edneyville, NC.   An album is posted that explains the planting process used at the Pryor Farm.
  • On April 6, students of Dr. Brian Joyce, Professor at Montreast College, NC, planted back cross chestnuts at the Terry Estate in Montreat, NC. An album is posted which further explains the plantings by the Montreat College students.
  • On April 20, Bill Fels, helped establish on his property the newest Carolinas Chapter back cross chestnut orchard. The orchard is located near Hanging Rock.
  • On May 3, a back cross chestnut orchard was planted at the Red Wolf Run development, located off Paint Fork Road near the Madison/Yancey County Line. The Red Wolf Run development will have an environmental emphasis. Russ Blevins, the forestry consultant for the development, secured the site for the orchard. He has an interest in the restoration of the American chestnut tree.
  • On May 9, Patrick Horan and Noel Thurner, helped plant a back cross chestnut orchard at their home in Sapphire, NC. The orchard is located within a temperate rain forest near the Blue Ridge Escarpment. Over 100 inches of rain fell last year at their home.