Chestnut Planting Spring 2005

March 26, 2005

Under the direction of Dr. Paul Sisco, Regional Science Coordinator for the American Chestnut Foundation, the Carolinas Chapter plants chestnuts harvested in the fall of 2004 at the Pryor Farm near Edneyville, NC. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

Instructions for Planting Chestnuts

  • Plastic is spread over the planting area to control weeds
  • Soil is placed on the edges of the plastic to keep it in plastic
  • Flags are placed 7 feet apart to mark where the seeds will be planted
  • A hole is cut in the plastic, and a plug of earth is removed to create a hole in which to plant a chestnut.
  • Place two handfuls of planting soil mix in each hole, select a chestnut, place it in the hole with root end, or flat side down, cover with another handful of planting soil mix, and insert a 10 inch long, 2 inch diameter aluminum tube half way into the planting hole to protect the chestnut from attack by voles and other varmints. ¬†Aluminum tubes are made on site by cutting 9 inch wide pieces of aluminum from 10 inch flashing material, rolling the piece into a cylinder, and securing it with tape.
  • Flags are marked with a code to identify the parent American chestnut tree and the source of the pollen from which the nuts were propagated. An inventory is made of each planting bed so records can be kept of each tree in the orchard.
  • Translucent collar are¬† placed around young trees to ward off browsing by deer. Soon, a wire fence will be placed around the young tree as further protection from browsing by deer.