2006 Board of Directors Meeting

March 18, 2006

The Board of Directors of the Carolinas Chapter met at Crowders Mountain State Park.

Carolinas Chapter Board Members:  Paul Sisco, Ron Myers, Joe James, K.O. Summerville, Carol Namkoong, Doug Gillis, Don Surrette, Scott Pryor, John Framton, Steve Barilovits, Jack Johnston, and newly elected Board Member Steve Motsinger selected by the Board to serve the remainder of Board Member Louis Acker’s term.

Passing the Baton:  Past President, Joe James, hands over his caduceus to newly elected President, K.O Summerville. Being from South Carolina, he used a souvenir bottle of Coca-Cola that commemorates Clemson University’s 1981 National Football Championship.

Officers elected at the Board Meeting for 2006/2007:  

  • President, K.O. Summerville
  • Vice President, Steve Barilovits
  • Secretary, Carol Namkoong
  • Co-Treasurers, Paul Sisco and Don Surrette