2005 Board Meeting

August 13, 2005

The Board of Directors of the Carolinas Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation met at Steve and Jane Motsinger’s Farm located near Elkin, North Carolina on August 13, 2005, to conduct business. During the course of the day, Dr. Paul Sisco, Regional Science Coordinator for the American Chestnut Foundation, conducted a review of the plantings of hybrid chestnut trees at the Motsinger Farm.

Meeting Details

  • Attending the meeting are Board members Doug Gillis, Scott Pryor, K.O. Summerville, Joe James, Carol Namkoong, Ron Myers, Paul Sisco and John Framton.
  • Jennifer Viets Catalano, Associate Director of Development of the College of Natural Resources, North Carolina State University, introduces a proposal for establishing an endowment fund for the Carolinas Chapter that would be managed by the NC Forestry Foundation, Inc., through the NC State University Investment Fund.
  • Dr. Paul Sisco reviews the 2005 Pollination Program conducted in the Carolinas. Ten American chestnut trees were used with 296 bags placed around female flowers that had been crossed with pollen of the Clapper BC3 variety which came from several different parent trees. One American chestnut tree (four bagged female flowers) was cross with pollen from a Japanese chestnut parent. Twenty additional bags were placed around non-pollinated female flowers on trees as a control.
  • Dr. Paul Sisco reviews the hybrid chestnuts planted at the Motsinger orchard.  During the review, damage done by deer browsing on the tips of branches is noted. Such browsing can be devastating to young trees–hence the translucent tubes used to protect seedlings and the wire fencing placed around the trees as they grow.  Also noted during the field review was damage done by Japanese beetles which enjoy eating the leaves of the chestnut trees. Sevin dust applied to the leaves controls the beetle infestation. Frequent applications are required during rainy weather, which has been the norm during the spring and summer of 2005 at the Motsinger farm.
  • Steve and Jane Motsinger,  hosted the Board of Directors at their meeting.  They provided an excellent meal for the Board and drew from their garden to supply ripe, fresh heritage tomatoes, basil, cucumbers and other vegetables.