Spring 2005 Annual Meeting Photos

April 23, 2005

Photos from the 2005 Annual Spring Meeting held at Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina are shown.

Meeting Details

  • The meeting was well attended. Dean Calvin Schoulties of the College of Agriculture, Forestry & Life Sciences welcomed Carolinas Chapter members to Clemson University.
  • Presentations included a message from the Carolinas Chapter President, Dr. Joe James. Dr. Paul Sisco of the American Chestnut Foundation gave a “Genetic Overview” of the Foundation’s cross and back breeding program.
  • Dr. Bert Abbott of Clemson University spoke on “Deciduous Tree Genomics: Implications of Breeding and Sustainability for American Chestnut.”
  • Dr. Geoff Wang of Clemson University presented on “Effects of Varying Light Intensity on Growth of American Chestnut.”
  • Dr. Bill Bauerle spoke about ” Effects of Varying Water Stress on Growth of American Chestnut.”
  • Dr. Steve Jeffers of Clemson University discussed “Effects of Phytophthora in Eastern Forest.”
  • Dr. John Frampton of North Carolina State University shared information about “Latest Phytophthora Research.”
  • At the conclusion of the meeting, a field trip was made to Dr. Joe James’ farm, Chestnut Return, to learn about his research and collaborative efforts to develop chestnuts resistant to Phytophthora disease.