Volunteers Needed

Charlie Hudson working in a chestnut seed orchard (PCCA credit).

Volunteer planting a chestnut orchard (PCCA credit).

TACF is making progress towards its goal of restoring American chestnut to its former place of ecological and economic importance in our Eastern forests. This is the result of the hard work of thousands of dedicated volunteers. We can continue this progress with your help.

You have a unique opportunity to participate in this amazing restoration project – with the reward of returning American chestnut trees to the forests of Maine. We will need big work parties to plant and tend our new seed orchards. Please consider volunteering, and contact Glen Rea (e-mail: glenrea42@msn.com) in Bangor at (207) 945-6945 or Eric Evans (e-mail: ericevans45@gmail.com) in Camden at 236-9635, for the following work:

  • Planting in our seed orchards in late April and early May, 2020
  • Maintenance throughout the summer in all of our orchards – weeding, watering, feeding, harvesting, and record-keeping.
  • Harvesting seeds at our orchards, September – October, 2020.

You need not be a chapter member to volunteer, but membership helps to support our work. Please consider joining the Maine Chapter of TACF. You can use our multi-purpose form to indicate your interest in volunteering, membership, or buying native chestnut seeds.

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