Sugarloaf Mountain Orchard


The Maryland Chapter operates an orchard at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain in cooperation with Stronghold, Inc., which owns the mountain. Two orchards were started in 1970 with irradiated nuts. The orchards are described as the East Field and the West Field.   The West Field orchard is no longer in use.

East Field – Originally planted in 1970 with an estimated 1000 irradiated seeds. Most have succumbed to chestnut blight and phytophthora. However, some  27 remaining trees have been used as mother trees in our breeding program.  Also, a backcross orchard of BC3 seeds (Manahan 41 x AG247) and an experimental orchard to study hypovirulence were planted in 2007 . However, most of these trees have been killed by the blight, phytophthora or deer.

To see an article on the chestnuts of Sugarloaf Mountain by Essie Burnworth, click here.

7901 Comus Road, Dickerson, Montgomery County

The Propers – Stewards
David Webster – Executive Secretary, Stronghold Inc.

Challenges: Deer, Phytophthora, gall wasps, vines.

East Field Location: