Hampstead Bypass Orchard –  State Highway Administration

This orchard was founded in 2010, originally as a demonstration orchard, but in 2011 was converted to a backcross breeeding orchard. A deer fence was constructed in 2011 by our chapter members. The first lines were planted in 2011 and 2012, and 2 additional lines were planted in the spring of 2014 and 2015.

Rt 30 bypass, Hampstead, Carroll Co.  – Google map  – see below

Starting at Westminster, Md., go north on Rt 27 about 3 miles to a right turn on Rt 482. Take Rt 482 about 4.5 miles to a left turn on the Rt. 30 Hampstead bypass. Take the bypass north about 0.8 mile. The orchard is on the left (across the highway) behind a fence.  Due to a deep swale at the entrance, you will need a vehicle with good ground clearance (P/U or SUV) to enter the orchard proper.  Also, use caution when crossing the highway.  If traffic is heavy it is wise to continue north to the circle (about a mile) and return on the south bound side.  Note: See the map below.

Jim Curtis – Steward – (curtisjim@comcast.net)
Bill Buettner, State Highway Administration



2014 – Mt. Phillip line MD72A x MDMO :   125 seeds.

2015 – 112 seeds- Berryville line MD 73A x CY 430 (BC3). Controls were 10 seeds – Haines 45 x open, 10 seeds – Hood Chinese x open and 10 seeds – Scrivener x open.

Click here for a diagram of the orchard plantings.