MA/RI-TACF 2022 Annual Meeting

Saturday, December 3, 2022
11am – 3pm
Hybrid Format

  • Keynote: “Chestnuts & Wildlife of the Berkshires” by Jim Pelletier
  • Chestnut Potluck
  • Local & Regional Updates

MA/RI-TACF 2021 Annual Meeting — Video Recordings Available

  • Implementation of American chestnut restoration and the role of TACF Chapters across the next 40 years
  • Keynote Speaker – Sara Fitzsimmons

MA/RI-TACF 2020 Annual Meeting — Video Recordings Available

Keynote: Sam Droege, USGS

Newly Discovered:  A native bee that depends on Chestnuts: How Saving Chestnuts Saves Other Species

Sam Droege of the USGS will speak on Andrena rehni and other insect pollinators of chestnut. TACF orchards may begin to host populations of this bee and others, and understanding the relationship of chestnut to these insects may help restoration of chestnut — as well as its pollinators!

Photo by Cole Cheng: Chestnut Bee
The Chestnut Bee! Andrena renhi

Photo by Cole Cheng;

We appreciate the continued support of all our members, volunteers and collaborators as we work together to restore blight resistant American chestnut to MA and RI, as part of a regional effort. Each year the number of trees planted, nuts harvested and volunteers continues to grow!

  • As of 2018 we have 6 Seed Orchards with another 2 in the plans for 2019.
  • Our 2018 Harvest from our rogued BC3F2 Research Orchards produced well over 14,000 nuts!

Seed Orchard Description & Site Requirements

In the News

Bristol Aggie students pot hundreds of orchard “replacements” yearly for almost a decade!

Dighton, MA

Bristol Aggie Students Plant 100 Seedlings on Town of Dighton Conservation Property

2018 Pittsfield Seed Orchard – 3000 trees!

2018 Cub Scouts Plant American Chestnuts @ Springside Park

2016 News Article – Pittsfield Highlights Chestnut Seed Orchard to Celebrate Arbor Day

2014 News Article – Pittsfield Seed Orchard Part of Widespread Chestnut Restoration

2012 News Article – Weston Seed Orchard

Chestnut seed orchard in Weston, MA

Photo taken by John Emery @ Weston Orchard

2015 News Article – Westboro Seed Orchard

Large seed orchard at MassWildlife

Al Southwick: The Chestnut Tree – a storied past, tragic decline and hope for its future

Green Hill Park Worcester Chestnut Harvest

Smith College – MacLeish Field Station – Seed Orchard

MacLeish Photos

Chestnuts Comeback Reaches Worcester

Worcester Tree Initiative

South Kingstown Land Trust Video – A Chestnut Story

MA/RI Chapter Experiencing Growing Partnerships with Educational Institutions

Tantasqua Junior High School Video

Tantasqua Chestnut Tree Project

The MA/RI Chapter of TACF acknowledges that the TACF National Science Oversight Committee on November 11, 2016 approved the 3 BUR Proposal for Integrated Research. We further state that while being supportive of TACF’s mission to explore all options to restore the American chestnut tree, we remain committed to the backcross method of breeding that we have been working with since the founding of the chapter. The transgenic tree developed by SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) researchers is in early testing status and under very strict Federal quarantine until an extensive deregulation process is completed and is therefore currently unavailable to our chapter. We will monitor the results of the most recent scientific developments and testing before making any determination of our level of involvement with transgenic breeding.