Presentations and Links

This page will hold a wide variety of presentations, as slide shows of pictures, power point presentations, and adobe presentations. Power point presentations cannot be uploaded if they are too big, and must be included as a link, or converted to another format with a smaller size. Other members of KY-TACF are welcome to post presentations. These should be current, limited to about 30 slides total, and focuses on specific topics. Links to research results pertinent to our area are also helpful.

The first slide show is the one presented at the KY-TACF Annual Meeting about types of plantings in Kentucky.

American Chestnut Restoration Research in the South – This reports a variety of large scale plantings through the US Forest Service Upland Hardwood Ecology and Management Research Unit, and includes Kentucky plantings. Publications are listed at the end. View

Chestnut in Ridge and Valley Griscom 2012 – This article compares American chestnut (B1, B2, B3 level of breeding) to Tulip Poplar and Chestnut Oak for site preference, growth and survival over a short period of establishment. View

Dominance of Interplanted American Chestnut –  This article compares chestnut growth with black walnut and northern red oak, and follows the planting for eight years. View

Jacobs Nelson – A detailed review looking at American Chestnut Restoration, including a summary of breeding approaches. It is somewhat technical but worth reading and re-reading.  View

Silvics Chestnut – Initial evaluation of American Chestnut to add species description and create entry in format of “Silvics of North American, Hardwoods.” View

Slide Show on Types of Chestnut Plantings – A set of slide showing Kentucky Plantings and summarizing what some strategies for successful planting.  View

SUNY Program of Genetic Modifications for Blight Resistance – The New York Chapter of TACF has supported work by Dr. Bill Powell and Dr. Chuck Maynard for over 15 years on using tools of genetic engineering to create a blight-resistant chestnut, and that program is also having success.  View

Types of Chestnut Plantings – The same presentation as above but one that can be downloaded as a pdf file. View

General Articles from Newspapers and Journals

Bringing Back a Blighted Icon – American Chestnut RestorationView

Hopes for Chestnut Revival Growing – Report in the Wall Street Journal about American chestnut restoration. View

KWM Apr 2011 Chestnut pg 10-13 – Kentucky Woodlands Article on Kentucky Chapter Breeding and Restoration. View

Nature_2012_490022a – Update in Nature (the premier general science journal) about efforts and success: classic plant breeding, genetic engineering and hypovirus treatments.  View

Three American Tragedies – Chestnut Blight, Butternut Canker, and Dutch Elm Disease – Excellent brief review of three of the major fungal diseases affecting native trees: American chestnut, American elm, and butternut. View

Pests & Disease Management

Blight Resistance – This is the recent Journal devoted to breeding for blight resistance and results to date.  View

Screening for Resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi in Hybrid Seedlings of American Chestnut –  View

Advances in Understanding Ambrosia Beetle Chemical Ecology and Utilizing the Findings to Improve Insecticide Management – An excellent slide show about Ambrosia Beetles, which attacks young chestnuts in nurseries and orchards. View