Chapter Information

Policies, Annual Reports, Strategic Plans, and other chapter materials will be posted here.

The Chapter meets quarterly, generally in the Frankfort area, usually at the Salato Wildlife Center. These meetings are open to all members, and exact details will be posted on the Calendar.

Bylaws & Minutes



Tasks & Projects

Completed January 18, 2016

  • Post Previous Website Pages/Integrate Site
  • Create new Draft of Planting Strategic Plan


  • Anne Myers Bobigian Treasurer
  • Bob Cornett Board Member, Education Coordinator
  • Lou Shain Board Member, UK Forest Pathology, retired
  • Lynn Garrison President

Completed February 15, 2016

  • KY-TACF Planning for KY Annual Meeting


  • Michael French ACF Forester, Board Member
  • Rex Mann Board Member, President-Emeritus

Pending completion

  • Pollination Coordinator


  • Scott Freidhof Board Member, Past President, KDFWS