Direct Seeding

Advantages: Quick and easy. An untrained person can plant about 10 per hour, moving at a leisurely pace, if the site is already set up for planting (BlueX and Bamboo stakes). Transport of seed to the site is easy — one cooler does it.
Disadvantage: Weather in early April can be wet and nasty. Seedlings must be kept as dormant as possible to keep root radicles short and once they begin to sprout, you have a short window for getting planting done.

Sprouted Seedlings

Advantages: You have verified germination and good growth of the sprout. You can choose the timing for planting with substantial leeway, and at your convenience..
Disadvantages: You need to protect the seedling/nut by having enclosed secure growing space. You need to have good watering routine. You need to harden off seedlings, and the risk of sunburn and frost damage are more serious, than in field germination. You need to be able to transport seedlings in flats to the planting site.