The following volunteer opportunities are available:

2014 Plantings

We are looking for volunteers to help plant two sites, one in the Harrison-Crawford State Forest and a second in the Jackson-Washington State Forest.

These plantings will take place in the spring of 2014 on a week day. Please contact Glenn Kotnik by email or phone at 317-459-4443 if interested.

2014 Maintenance

There are also numerous activities over the course of the year that members are encouraged to participate in and attend.  These are field activities and they generally follow this chronological order:

  • April:  planting seeds in nurseries, distributing trees to members, planting seeds and trees in field trials
  • June:  Bagging flowers, pollination
  • July:  Blight innoculation
  • July-September:  Watering, fertilizer and weed control (depending on conditions)
  • September:  Harvest of nuts

Meetings, Talks and Outreach

Members also volunteer their time speaking to education and community groups.  We participate at Earth Day celebrations as well as with several community schools and arboreta.  If you know of an organization that would like to participate, or would like to talk, by all means please get involved!