The American Chestnut Foundation is restoring a species – and in the process, creating a template for restoration of other tree and plant species.

The Indiana Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation is tasked with developing regionally adapted families of American chestnut trees (ie, specific to Indiana mother trees) and other state-related tasks.

Meadowview (TACF’s main orchard in Virginia) harvested its first blight-resistant nuts in 2005. Indiana has 2 completed families and  has begun reforestation trials with potentially blight-resistant American-type trees, using sound ecological principles. The return of the American chestnut to its former niche in the Appalachian hardwood forest eco-system is a major restoration project that requires a multi-faceted effort involving 6,000 members and volunteers, research, sustained funding and most important, a sense of the past and a hope for the future.