Volunteers play a vital role in many facets of our restoration work.

They are our ambassadors, representing us at community events throughout Georgia. They are educators giving presentations and sharing the story of the American chestnut with interested groups. They get their hands dirty by helping with orchard, pollination, and harvesting projects during the growing season. There is much work to do and no experience is necessary. Whatever your talent, interest or ability we can use your support as we work to bring back this mighty giant to the Eastern woodland.

Click here for a list of current volunteer positions we are trying to fill!

What on-going volunteer opportunities are available?

Field help – With over 200 orchard sites and about that many wild trees to track in GA, the growing season is packed with chances to participate in planting, inoculating and harvesting activities. Work is available for all levels of physical ability. This is a great opportunity for people who enjoy working outside and getting involved with the hands-on aspects of our breeding programs.

Event representation – Each year, we attend events all over the state. Members volunteer their time to represent our organization at fairs, expos, festivals, plant sales, etc. Larger events, like Hemlockfest are usually staffed by 2 or more volunteers at a time. These events offer great opportunities to learn the ropes from veteran volunteers.

Speaking events – We receive requests to speak at meetings and events nearly every week, for much of the year. Our volunteers help by agreeing to speak on our behalf, sharing their knowledge with community groups and organizations all over the state. If public speaking is your strength, this might be a good fit for you. This is a great opportunity for people that enjoy speaking in front of groups and sharing their knowledge and experiences with the American chestnut.

Other – If you have experience in marketing, web design, social media, writing, photography, or if you are able to network with like-minded groups, please contact us for some ideas about how you might contribute your unique talents. No experience is required!

How to get started– It’s easy! Email us at gachestnut@gmail.com to learn more. With your permission, we will add your e-mail address to our contact list, so you will receive announcements about volunteer opportunities.

Watch your email, our webpage News, or follow us on Facebook for timely reminders.