CT-TACF Nominating Committee Report

The CT-TACF Nominating Committee of Jane Harris, Bill Adamsen and John Baker are recommending the following candidates for the Board of Directors and Chapter Officers for 2022:

1.       Nominations for the Board of Directors with a term ending in 2023:

Renee Allen

Phil Arnold

John Baker

David Bingham

Fred Behringer

Jim Gage

Bert Malkus

Jack Morris

Mark Vollaro

2.       Nominations for Officers for 2022:

President – Jack Swatt

Vice President – Vacant

Treasurer – Jack Ostroff

Secretary – Florian Carle

3.       The Nominating Committee of John Baker and Jane Harris is willing to stand for another year, and we are awaiting a volunteer for the third member.

Please be advised accordingly.

Thank you and best regards,

John Baker