White Memorial

whitememorial_565pxThe White Memorial Backross Orchard is a cooperative partnership between TACF and the White Memorial Conservation Center. The diagram of the orchard at left shows the location of the 1995 CAES planting as well as the location of the 1997 TACF BC2F2 planting.

White Memorial (WM) has been the focus of Chestnut Hybrid since Arthur Graves established a planting in 1944. That original plantation was extended by Hans Nienstadt in 1953. This site was a source of F1 pollen from the early 1990s for the ACF, from which great grandchildren (B3s) are now in Meadowview. There are also other more recent plantings at WM reinforcing the continuity between the WM Conservation Center and Chestnut restoration efforts.

r3t4-cxa_r3t5-cxaxja_640pxWhile discussions with White Memorial have continued – it has been deemed there is innadequate land to extend a BC3F1 orchard, and fencing, a requirement with the high deer presseure, is not in alignment with the Conservation Center’s mission.

One of the more extensive plantings – the trees at the intersection of Route 61 and Route 63 were early hybrids, and many are C. crenata crosses. That shown in the picture to right (photo taken summer 2006) is named R3T4-CxA_R3T5-CxAxJA which also indicates its crossing.  There are several CAES plantings at White Memorial.