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Latest Newsletter

The Connecticut Chapter Winter/Spring 2022 Newsletter includes the articles

  • Chestnut show-and-tell all over Connecticut
  • We found the lost Chestnut Bee!
  • A Successful Search for New Sources of American Chestnuts
  • And a call for volunteers

Newsletters Archive

Cover of the CT Newsletter 2021The Connecticut Chapter Winter/Spring 2021 Newsletter focuses on

  • CT Chapter work during the pandemic
  • B3F3 planting in Deer Lake Scout Reservation
  • Bull Hill Preserve Chestnut Hike
  • The Old Lyme Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library Chestnut tree
  • What are we doing with the Chestnut trees you tag on TreeSnap?
  • And a call for volunteers

Winter 2020 Newsletter coverThe Connecticut Chapter Winter/Spring 2020 Newsletter focuses on

  • Working with Eversource to manually pollinate flowering American chestnut trees
  • Spotlight on Jim Gage, CT chapter Treasurer
  • Resolution in support of SUNY-ESF’s petition for deregulation of Darling 58
  • Norcross Seed Orchard Update by Ginny Patsun
  • Litchfield Hills Audubon’s Wigwam Brook Orchard Update by John Baker
  • Finding American chestnut trees on Bull Hill Preserve in Thompson

Winter 2018 Newsletter CoverThe Connecticut Chapter Winter 2018 Newsletter  focuses on

  • Norcross Seed Orchard Update by James Gage and Ginny Patsun
  • Plainfield Conservation Commission Works to Keep Chestnuts Growing in Pachaug Forest
  • Restoration Chestnut Trees Planted in Hamden to Recognize Local Couple Who Led Efforts to Save Rocky Top
  • American Chestnut benefiting from actions to save the New England Cottontail
  • Testing the Backcross Breeding Program with Genetics

cover_spring2009_240pxwThe Connecticut Chapter spring 2009 newsletter [600kb] focuses on

  • pollination of native American chestnut showing flowering progression
  • history of chestnut research at Great Mountain Forest
  • chestnuts on the CT section of the Appalachian Trail
  • financial support from Northeast Utilities
  • support from Bartlett Tree Experts in the form of bucket trucks for pollination
  • details about the Annual Meeting and Chapter Business including the guest speaker Dr. Fenny Dane




cover_spring2008_240pxwThe Connecticut Chapter CT-TACF Spring 2008 Newsletter [900kb] focuses on …

  • Chestnuts in my backyard – or Farming for Biodiversity by Dr. David Bingham
  • TACF Restoration Program by Bill Adamsen
  • My Own Backyard by Mike McGee
  • Northern CT Land Trust Swann Farm Orchard update by Jim Gage
  • Woodbridge Land Trust Orchard Update by Dr. Phil Arnold
  • Chestnut’s Rot Resistance by Jason Young
  • Honoring Rod Longley for years of service to TACF by Bill Adamsen
  • Will Kies – new Board Member by Bill Adamsen
  • Chestnut as Food – Restoration Feast by Bill Adamsen
  • Guilford Conservation Commission Starts Orchard by Leila Pinchot
  • Great Mountain Forest and Education Opportunities by Ellery Sinclair

cover_autumn2006_240pxwThe Connecticut Chapter CT-TACF Autumn 2006 Newsletter [850kb] focuses on:

  • Presidents Message by Bill Adamsen
  • The Chestnuts at the Foot of the Giant by Dr. Sandy Anagnostakis
  • Excitement in the Air: Pollination Update by Gayle Kida
  • The Northern Connecticut Land Trust Plans a Chestnut Tree Farm by Jim Gage
  • New England Regional Coordinator Update by Leila Pinchot
  • Northeast Utilities Support to Help Restore Chestnut
  • Salem Orchard Update by Dr. David Bingham
  • Woodbridge Land Trust Orchard Update by Dr. Phil Arnold
  • Meet CT Board Nominees Ellery Sinclair and Mike by Bill Adamsen
  • Chestnut as Food – Restoration Feast by Bill Adamsen
  • Chapter wins prestigious Norcross Foundation Award by Bill Adamsen
  • Annual Meeting details: Dr. Sandy Anagnostakis, Dr. Chuck Maynard, Dr. Ann Camp

cover_spring2006_240pxwThe Connecticut Chapter CT-TACF Spring 2006 Newsletter [347kb] focuses on …

  • President’s message – by Bill Adamsen
  • Welcome New England Regional Science Coordinator
  • Chapter Receives Final Letter of Determination from IRS
  • Spring Planting comes to Salem
  • Nporthern CT Land Trust starts orchard
  • Woodbridge Land Trust Plants Orchard
  • Recap of Take a Hike Week at Stamford Museum and Nature Center
  • Vegetative Propagation
  • Using the NRCS Soils Tool
  • Connecticut’s Notable Trees
  • Help Restore the chestnut by Leila Pinchot

cover_autumn2005_240pxwThe Connecticut Chapter CT-TACF Autumn 2005 Newsletter [860kb] focuses on …

  • CT Chapter begins back-cross breeding program
  • Plantation Tour with Sara Fitzsimmons
  • Nominations Committee presents
  • Agenda for Annual Meeting: Dr. Chad Oliver, Dr. Charlotte Zampini, Dr. Fred Hebard, Sara Fitzsimmons
  • Visit to Lockwood Farm