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BoardSpring07_03_930pxw1Our mission is to restore the American Chestnut to the forests and woodlands of Connecticut. The Connecticut Chapter of TACF is a Chartered State Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation with its own Bylaws, Constitution and Treasury. It is organized as a tax-exempt non-profit foundation under the US Tax Code 501(c)3.  Learn More



Mission / Objectives

BreedingOrchard_930pxwOur mission is to restore the American chestnut to the forests and woodlands of Connecticut. We are a registered 501(c)(3) organization. The American chestnut tree was once the dominant tree in our forests. A century ago it was eradicated from our eastern landscape by a fungus. In Connecticut, many forests consisted of 25% to 40%…  Learn More



Host a Germaplasm Conservation Orchard

If you want to play a role in the restoration of the American Chestnut, you can become a partner of TACF and offer a new location for a Germplasm Conservation Orchard (GCO)!

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Latest News

Fall 2021 CT-TACF Harvest Schedule

American Chestnut Harvest Schedule  All dates and times my be changed for inclement weather or other reasons outside of our control. Rough terrain and thick brush may need to be traversed to reach the chestnut trees, so good footwear and legwear is recommended.  Contact us at  tacf.ctchapter@gmail.com for questions or the latest details. Thursday, September […]

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The 2021 edition of “The New Leaf” is out

The 2021 edition of “The New Leaf”, CT-TACF Chapter annual newsletter, is now available online here! A printed version is currently making its way to the mailboxes of all the CT members. This Winter/Spring 2021 Newsletter focuses on our Chapter work during the pandemic, B3F3 planting in Deer Lake Scout Reservation, Bull Hill Preserve Chestnut Hike, […]

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