Our mission is to restore the American Chestnut to the forests and woodlands of Connecticut (25 – 40% of the trees were American chestnuts in CT forests).

The Connecticut Chapter of TACF is a Chartered State Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation with its own Bylaws, Constitution and Treasury. It is organized as a tax-exempt non-profit foundation under the US Tax Code 501(c)3.

There is a Board of Directors – real people, your neighbors in Connecticut – who determine strategic direction, make decisions about application of resources, and are there when the rubber hits the road to install fences, plant trees and perform all the functions necessary to achieve our goals.


Latest News

Germplasm Conservation Orchard Planting Schedule

Germplasm Conservation Orchard Planting Schedule Volunteers are needed to help plant American Chestnut seeds in our Germplasm Conservation Orchards this month. Given the tremendous harvest we had last fall, we will need help in getting those nuts planted in the ground.  We have several opportunities for planting at some of our established orchards and also […]

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CT-TACF Nominating Committee Report

The CT-TACF Nominating Committee of Jane Harris, Bill Adamsen and John Baker are recommending the following candidates for the Board of Directors and Chapter Officers for 2022: 1.       Nominations for the Board of Directors with a term ending in 2023: Renee Allen Phil Arnold John Baker David Bingham Fred Behringer Jim Gage Bert Malkus Jack […]

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Upcoming Events


CT-TACF at the Durham Fair

The Durham Fair is one of the largest fairs in CT.  We host an exhibit educating people about the American chestnut and our mission in the Discovery Center. Stop by, shuck chestnuts harvested a few days before the fair, and come ask all your questions!