2018 Science Review Final Report with TACF Comments


Since 1983, the work of TACF has resurrected hope that the American chestnut can eventually be restored as a foundation species in the eastern deciduous forest.

As The American Chestnut Foundation continues to evolve, we look to have our breeding techniques and scientific objectives vetted by experts in the field. Although this is an ongoing practice through our collaborations with academic researchers and government partners, we strive to organize a more formal, in-person gathering periodically,  to do a more thorough analysis of our breeding and selection plans.

2018 marks the third such review. We have made significant changes to our breeding program since our external reviews in 1999 and 2006 and look forward to this years review.  We are grateful for the opportunity to have our research and breeding programs reviewed by our peers. It is instrumental in helping us chart our course toward eventual restoration of the species.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday August 21 and Wednesday August 22, 2018

Meeting Venue(s)

Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center
One Partnership Circle, Abingdon, VA 24212

Meadowview Research Farms
29010 Hawthorne Dr., Meadowview VA 24361

Science Review Documents

In advance of and preparation for the 2018 Science Review:

Letter from Dr. Kim Steiner

Science Review Participants 

The Science Review Agenda

The final report from our 1999 Science Review

The final report from our 2006 Science Review

A recent paper by Dr. Kim Steiner and others on the state of the breeding and transgenic work with the American chestnut

TACF’s breeding and selection plans for 2015-2025

Our “3BUR document”

TACF’s most recent strategic plan

Please direct any questions about the Science Review to TACF Executive Coordinator Cherin Marmon-Saxe or call (828) 281-0047