american chestnut trees on the appalachian trail


There are many ways you can help bring the American chestnut back to our forests


The first step is to become a member of TACF. You'll learn about all the chestnut happenings in your state chapter and nationally. You'll receive our Magazine, The Journal of the American Chestnut Foundation. You'll meet fun, like-minded people and have a chance to  participate first-hand in helping restore this iconic tree to our eastern forests.


Planting chestnuts near Bat Cave, NCTACF depends on its dedicated volunteers. Whether its planting and tending a new orchard whose seeds will one day grow into healthy chestnuts in the forest, or practicing the "Citizen Science" of inoculating, pollinating or measuring trees. Or helping to organize events that teach, share, entertain and build membership, there is nothing that feels as rewarding as helping this magnificent mission become reality.





Donors are the lifeblood of TACF, and your help is needed more than ever as we begin to the process of planting and testing over a million potentially blight-resistant American chestnuts in real forest environments over the next seven years.
You can sponsor the planting of a single tree for just $10 in our Plant a Tree Program. You can donate online,  or become an Annual Sponsor (you get seeds!). Or you might consider sponsoring a Legacy Tree  whose seeds will actually be used to return the American chestnut to the wild.


2012 Board Outing Chimney Rock, NCOne of the best ways to get involved is attend meetings of your state chapter, or special events  in your area. And be sure to take in the TACF annual meeting - where scientists, foresters, historians and specialists of all types gather to offer presentations and workshops on the latest developments in the restoration of the American Chestnut.





American Chestnut Orchard Tour, Asheville, NCAre you a skilled speaker or trained educator?  TACF needs volunteers to spread our message and help educate a new generation that has little or know knowledge of the American chestnut, its demise and potential return. From representing TACF at trade shows, to speaking to civic groups, to participating in educational programs, a big part of our work is spreading the word!