The Charlie Chestnut Environmental Education Program

Charlie Chestnut is The American Chestnut Foundation's in-class and online interdisciplinary curriculum designed to inspire students to learn more about the environment and about American chestnuts.

Charlie Chestnut

Charlie will tell you all about his heritage - how his family, the American chestnut, was once the "King of the Forest" because it towered over other trees. Some people even called the American chestnut "the redwood of the east." Charlie will also tell you about invisible diseases, the biology of trees, and how fragile an ecology can be.

Developed by The American Chestnut Foundation, in cooperation with Knowledge Environments, the Charlie Chestnut Environmental Education Program integrates math, science, and social studies into a comprehensive and flexible curriculum of hands-on activities based upon the saga of the American chestnut tree. Students learn about TACF's goal to restore the American chestnut tree to its native woodlands, and about the responsible stewardship of forests.

The curriculum may be started at any time and can support millions of students, primarily because of its Internet-related support. Charlie Chestnut uses his tutorial-style scrapbook, interactive online activities, and a pop-up glossary.

"The Charlie Chestnut website adds a new significance to educational websites because it represents a real effort to reach out to kids and educators."
- Eric Mollenhauer, Science & Social Studies Program Supervisor, EIRC, New Jersey