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Marshal T. Case

Marshal T. Case, President Emeritus

Marshal brings to TACF a decades-long commitment to conservation, education and nonprofit development.

"I'm delighted to be included with the many dedicated people involved in the American chestnut research and reintroduction plans. As a science educator and wildlife biologist, I see many exciting opportunities and enormous challenges."

Marshal T. Case became TACF's Executive Director in 1997. TACF's Board of Directors designated him President and CEO at the 2003 Annual Meeting. Prior to this he was deputy director and head of the education department at the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Marshal has also served as Senior Vice President of Education for the National Audubon Society, where he created Audubon Adventures, a curriculum-based network of nature clubs for school children in the US, Central America, and Russia. His experiences in Russia led to a partnership with Russian Public Television and the creation of Nature Ambassadors - a series of over 35 films comparing North American and northern Asian ecosystems, and illustrating Russian-American cooperation in their protection. The Russian projects are carried out with Trust for Wildlife, Inc., of which Marshal is volunteer President. Marshal worked on a wide variety of National Audubon's environmental activities, while also spearheading the creation of 17 new local Audubon chapters in the Midwest, South, and Northeast.Marshal graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Wildlife Biology and Science Education. He brings to TACF a decades-long commitment to conservation, education, and nonprofit development. In 2009 he transitioned to a President Emeritus role with the Foundation.


In 2008 Marshal received a
Presidential Volunteer Service Award