The Journal of The American Chestnut Foundation


Fall 2015 Issue:

The Fall edition of Chestnut covers the culinary heritage of the American chestnut by Dr. David Shields, the wrap-up of the Conservation Innovation Grant by Michael French, new TACF hire announcements, and in-depth founders tribute to the new Chief Scientist Emeritus Dr. Frederick Hebard.



Summer 2015 Issue:

This edition of Chestnut includes the 2015 Flight 93 National Memorial by Lisa Sousa, "Fire Effects on Sprout Populations of Castena dentata and its Pathogen Cryphonectria Parasitica" by TACF Intern Benjamin Jarrett, and Maryland chapter's battle with the Ambrosia beetle by Jim Curtis. Be sure to read up on the history of the Paragon chestnut by TACF PA/NJ chapter member Bill Lord!


Winter 2015 Issue:

The NEW Journal of The American Chestnut Foundation Chestnut includes the introduction of TACF's new President & CEO Lisa Thomson and Quanitative Geneticist Jared Westbroook, "How to Make the Most of your Ceremonial Plantings" by RSC Kendra Gurney, and "Turkey: Chestnut Blight Cankers" by Dennis W. Fulbright and Umit Serdar. Be sure to check out the snapshots and celebration re-cap from the Meadowview's 25th Anniversary!



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