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200 High Street
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Vice President

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Vicki Pierson
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West Virginia Chapter

Only two states in the original region of the American Chestnut did not have an active Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation as of about five years ago.  Many West Virginia residents were members of the Foundation and their work.  Dr. Bill MacDonald and Mr. Mark Double had concentrated on bringing back the chestnut by studying the hypo-virulent aspects of the disease.  Others planted nuts from native trees and maintained private orchards or planted various crosses of American and Chinese chestnuts.

About four years ago the first organizational meeting for the West Virginia Chapter was held.  Subsequent meetings have been held and the national organization now recognizes our Chapter.  During this time a lot of has been accomplished in the effort to bring back the chestnut.  The Foundation has provided plants for planting for certain occasions and study areas on strip mines and timber harvested areas.  A demonstration orchard and a seed/research orchard has been established at Glenville State College, and the work continues at West Virginia University.  The Chapter has elected new officials and is planning several activities, and is in the final stages of getting its charter from the State.  The small town of Rowlesburg began the Chestnut Festival four years ago and is promoting the restoration of the “redwood of the east.”

If you would like to participate in this group, come and join us.  We include people from all areas that have an interest in restoring this magnificent tree to our forests. If you join The American Chestnut Foundation, part of your dues will come to the West Virginia Chapter.  They have worked for decades on backcrossing American chestnuts and are now doing plantings within our state.  They have provided us their latest and best plants for research in our area even though we were the last to officially join their organization.  We don’t know if the answer to the restoration of the chestnut will be in breeding resistant American chestnuts, utilizing backcross resistant trees, the spread of the hypo-virulent virus, or the combination of any or all of them.  We just know that we are on the verge of having the answer and seeing the American chestnut as a part of the West Virginia forest and we invite you to join us in that effort.

Interested individuals are encouraged to join our listserv by contacting Brian Perkins at brian.perkins@glenville.edu.

Download the WV Tree Locator Form HERE

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